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The 15th  international symposium “Frontiers of Fundamental Physics” (FFP15) is co-organized by MUDIC, Orihuela City Council, Miguel Hernández University and the Association of Science Teachers Hypatia of Alexandria.

In this 15th edition, which will take place in the monumental and warm city of Orihuela (Alicante,  Spain)  with the participation of two Nobel Laureates: Brian Josephson from the University of Cambridge and Kurt Wüthrich from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a cast of Physicists of recognized prestige in the world.
At the same time, within the congress, the Physics Education Research conference are going to celebrate.

For over a decade the International Symposium Series, FRONTIERS OF FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS has attracted some of the greatest Physicists in the world as also several other eminent Physicists.  The broad objective of the series has been to enable scholars working in slightly different areas to meet on a single platform and exchange ideas and status reports and even dissenting views.

The areas covered have included:

  • Astronomy and Astro Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Gravitation and Cosmology
  • Computational Physics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Physics Education and related areas.

The Symposia have been held in India (multiple), Italy(multiple), Spain, Canada, Australia and France(multiple). The eminent Physicists who have delivered Special Lectures over the years, sometimes more than once, have included Nobel Laureates, Professors G.’t Hooft, S. Chu, Charles Townes, Klaus von Klitzing, Pierre de Gennes, Douglas D. Osheroff, Sir Harry Kroto, Sir Tony Leggett, as also the likes of Prof. Yuval Ne’eman, Prof. J. Pati, Prof.John Ellis, Prof. Asoke Sen and several other prominent scholars. There have also been contributed papers and posters.